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Are you ready to purchase a home but not sure your credit scores are ready?  If you’re not certain where you should begin, we invite you to take the first step by joining our Credit Essentials class with Lisa Myers. For almost 25 years Lisa has been helping homebuyers just like yourself achieve their dreams of home ownership.

Join us on Zoom every Friday at 1 PM for Credit Essentials with Lisa Myers!

During the webinar, Supreme Lending's Credit Expert Lisa Myers will provide crucial information about credit that is essential in helping you begin the journey of improving your credit scores. Lisa has a proven track record - since joining Supreme Lending in 2020, she has reviewed over 1000 credit files and has an average score improvement of 79 additional points.


I got a chance to speak to Lisa this afternoon and explained my situation/issue which I was facing. We quickly got on a call and during the conversation with one of the representatives, Lisa was very vocal over my situation and she was able resolve the issue within 10-15 minutes without even speaking to the supervisors. She was very professional and was absolutely up to the point. Without any doubts and hesitation I can say you have a really great problem solver and a lifesaver at Supreme.

- Real Estate Partner

Had a borrower with around a 670 credit score. Partnered with Lisa Myers so I could maximize the increase. Just so I know I could offer the BEST service and make sure I save them the MOST money long term. Now it looks like I can jump them into a conventional program and have the BEST offer. Did I mention I just got a 742 out of that?

- Supreme Lending Loan Officer

We are so grateful for Lisa Myers and her assistance with our mortgage application process. She did an amazing job of giving us actionable steps to improving our credit score. By ranking these steps by importance and overall impact, we were able to create an action plan that produced an improvement of 51 points in our Rapid Rescore process!  As a result, we were able to significantly lower our overall interest rate. We would not have been able to accomplish this without her recommendations in such a short amount of time.  We highly recommend her to anyone ready to improve the overall health of their credit. 

- Supreme Lending Borrower

We use Supreme Lending and Lisa Myers every chance we get.  Last month we had a buyer that needed a Jumbo Loan and due to student loans, they did not qualify. The Loan Officer and Lisa worked with our buyer and not only got them qualified but also increased the credit score by so much that they reduced the interest rate by a full point.

- Real Estate Partner

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